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The secret of my successful hairstyles

My goal is to create the look you want for you! There are times when you go to different stylists for a long time and try to give them the image you want, but it ends up being good, but not what you wanted. So first we talk and I try to imagine your new look. We look at pictures and when we realize that we understand each other, I start.

About me

When I started my career, I often won in various hairdressing shows. But before that I had to learn very rare hair techniques, which I collected from professionals all over the world

Coloring is an art form where the hairdresser draws on the hair. That's why my coloring amazes people. It takes time, but the kind of result you haven't seen before! I promise

A good hairstyle is not the one that the hairdresser knows how to do, but the one that the client wants and the one that exactly suits his face and hair type

competence in detail

Professional tools + the knowledge of how to use them + professional vision. Together they produce masterpieces

Individual Approach

The hairstyle is matched to the type of person, event or specific clothing. Let me know what you want and you will get it

Hight Quality

I give a guarantee for the hairstyle. If you have any questions about the care or need to fix something - write to me and we will do it


My Wedding Services

01. Rehearsal of hair and makeup for the bride

The wedding day is one of the most important days in every woman's life.

At the rehearsal you will be able to see the hairstyle you will get on the wedding day, we will discuss in advance the accessories for the hairstyle.

Wedding hair and makeup in Destin
02. Bridal hair and makeup on the day​

The wedding day is a happy and stressful day for every bride. Take some of the weight off your shoulders and leave the hair and makeup to me. I can come to you early in the morning or meet you at my studio in Destin to help you fit into your wedding day schedule.

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03. Rehearsal of hair and makeup for bridesmaids and family members

Do you want to create a unified image for all participants of the wedding? Do you like to think things through to the last detail? Perfect! Let's think about it ahead of time. Schedule a day or days when we can rehearse each person's image.

hairstyle for bridesmaids in Destin
04.Hairstyles and makeup for bridesmaids and family members on the wedding day

No matter how many guests you have, everyone will be ready on time and look great in the ceremony and photos that will stay with you forever.

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The Best Wedding Hair Master In Destin

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Nice To Meet You!

Welcome To My Studio

My name is Marina, I’m professional hairstylist with 20 years experience.

My Skills

After receiving my license in 2004, I worked as an assistant for 2 years before becoming a full-time stylist. 

My specialty is hairstyling for long hair, wedding hairstyles, and braiding. Also I’m skilled with a variety of cuts, many kinds of hair extensions.

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Choosing the perfect hairstyle and makeup for your wedding day could be very stressful! It has to look good and feel comfortable at the same time! Marina made my experience very light and enjoyable!


We talked about hairstyles that I imagined for myself, she gave awesome feedback of how and what we should do to achieve that with the type of hair I have. She was very helpful with choosing the hairstyle that will look the most beautiful on me! We did a practice test run before the wedding and I loved it.


On the wedding day I had to be ready very early so she was awesome on agreeing to do my hair and makeup at 5 am in the morning 🤯 (not everyone will agree on that). Everything was done perfectly, in a timely manner and to my complete satisfaction 😍 I was in love when I looked in the mirror, it was better than I imagined 🥰


I had a very long wedding day from 7am till about 10pm including a park photo shoot, ceremony, reception, beach sunset photo shoot, and end of night gathering with family! My hairstyle and make up survived perfectly with no adjustments needed throughout the day. Every single pin stayed in place, the braid did not fall apart even with all the travel by car, the light wind at the park and the beach! I was amazed 😍


Marina did such an awesome job securing everything without me feeling that my hair was cemented with hairspray (some masters will do that and it feels awful). My make up was light and natural looking just as I wanted! She did an absolutely amazing job, she helped me to achieve my “dream bride image” that I was looking for and I would recommend her over and over again to everyone!


Marina Thank you for being such an awesome, professional and creative hairstylist ❤️

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If you want to sign up or if you have any questions, feel free to write and I will definitely answer. I answer myself, so I can’t promise an immediate answer, but you will definitely hear from me within 24 hours

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