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About Me And My Studio

Nice To Meet You!

Welcome To Marina Hair Studio

My name is Marina, I’m professional hairstylist with 20 years experience.

My Skills

After receiving my license in 2004, I worked as an assistant for 2 years before becoming a full-time stylist. 

My specialty is hairstyling for long hair, wedding hairstyles, and braiding. Also I’m skilled with a variety of cuts, many kinds of hair extensions.

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Pivot Point
Wella Professional

When I work with hair all details are important to me!

Hair Dresser and Business Owner

I work how haidresser since 2004. I opened my first studio in 2010

Bestselling Writer

Since 2011, I've written five bestselling hair books

Teacher and Coach

Since 2011 I have been teaching hairstyles online and at live events

Fashion Shows

Since 2006, she has worked with major fashion designers at fashion shows.


Professional Haircuts And Hairstyle Master In Destin

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What about the inside?

Studio Interiors

Equipped photo studio

There are regular photo shoots in my studio

How Can I Help you?

my services


"Every 1.5 to 2 months I drive 5 hours from another state to get to Marina's hair appointment. After many experiments with different masters I am happy I found her"



Asked – I answer

No, I accept only by appointment. So you don't have to wait in line or be in a crowded room with other people. When you come in, all the work will be built around you and your new image. I don't work on a flow - it's important to me that both you and I enjoy the transformation.

It all depends on the service you want. Contact me to find out the nearest available time

The opening hours of my salon are very flexible and customizable. That's why you need to make an appointment and find out what time is convenient for you. We can do the service BEFORE you start working or AFTER

I have a wonderful children's area in my salon. I have 2 boys myself and they sometimes play there. If you have an infant and need to breastfeed him, we can take breaks during the procedure so that you can do what you and the baby need.

In a regular salon there is a time limit per client, I don't have such limits.

Yes, I take models to shoot my work. Then you pay the cost of the material and my work is free for you. In return, I will use the footage for my own purposes.

But since I need certain types of hair or looks, I choose models carefully. You can send your application in the form below. Be sure to include your contact information and photos: hair (length, color and close-up photo), face and full-length photo. When I have an image for you I will definitely contact you.

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Contact For Any Kind Of Information

If you want to sign up or if you have any questions, feel free to write and I will definitely answer. I answer myself, so I can’t promise an immediate answer, but you will definitely hear from me within 24 hours

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